c o n t e n t s









L o t u s  i n  t h e  G a r d e n


I was captivated by the first traces of light that bounced 

               between ripples in the sky as you danced across the dawn 

Your allure neither ignorant nor oppressed 


But hesitation caught in the undertow of each spill to

               your skin from my dew-coated eyes crashed against the flow of

                              promises dripping off your tongue

Giving the daylight more time


To unfold me slowly, pausing for breath in the lull of

               tranquil nights spent coaxing lucid dreams through my veins

I was intoxicated by your sight


But what I could not see instilled the wrong kind of

               interest in my mind, curiosity playing me the fool I'd so 

                              easily become

Until I was gently pulled apart


One soft petal at a time, unable to ignore the burning

               particles in the air that blurred sanity with sincerity

Swallowed whole in your spite


Only to be reborn from thick strokes of grime painting

               clear waters opaque, freed like dry eyes from heavy lids

I emerged, clean and pure


Dripping in victory and knowledge meant to distill

               from my body and bless the world with my beauty

Oh, What a purpose to be had


But I was unaware of my lifeline coiled up in your rays,

               doomed to fall beneath the horizon just as quickly as I came

Left suspended, a gentle cry


That even the scum of the Earth can offspring

               wondrous things, and I refuse to fade under your withering gaze

Lest your light leave me blind



               Bare flesh and damp sheets

curled up in their

                            promiscuous intent

Hiding shame and regret

                               we do not deserve


               Your absence is felt

in the dreams of

                           infant hearts

But I revel in the space

                      you can’t reach


               And when tender veins burst

stinging eyes with

                                               tears of rage

Your screams, they’ll yearn

                                       for my company



Let bygones effloresce

               the old nurtures the new

Each fresh vessel of the Earth

                rebirths meaning in its hollows


Say, who are you to me-

               who am I to anyone?

We are perennial,

                in hope, in faith, in theory


Let it be known

               all sinners were once saints;

The light creates the dark

               and we’re all painfully the same



You are a pansy

                                        That is,

                    you pense dandily

Imagine lovely things

                              where others

                                  see tragedy

Consider everything

                            vividly subtle;

                        pastel saturation

You are a pansy

Narcissus and Primroses_153090.jpg


Tangled up in your sweet

berry lips and rough cheeks.


Mangled bones growing weak

as frail twigs between teeth.


Holly, darling, it seems

              I can’t breathe.




What do you see?

Jealousy hiding behind red lids,





What have you done?

Cast hatred in flames to watch the

lions run


We all blossom the same

Our stems parallel by nature

Then practice for space.